Tree Care Services for Homes and Businesses

Tree maintenance companies in Edmonton are well versed in all kinds of tree care activities with expert arborists employed by them providing a range of tree care services for both residential homes and commercial properties. The arborists are well equipped to work under extreme weather conditions such as snow and storms and are also ready to deal with any emergency situation.

Residential properties

The agencies offering tree removal Edmonton have loads of experience throughout the city of Edmonton. These agencies are experts in protecting household properties from dangerous trees by their clean and efficient removal. The expert arborist deputed by the company is tasked to determine whether or not a tree is posing any kind of safety hazard to the home. If the arborist decides that the tree is indeed posing a risk, then tree removal operations are carried out the same day. Tree repairing of damaged trees is also offered by the companies.


Commercial properties

Any commercial property such as a factory, mall, small shop, school, zoo, park, etc. may be affected by the problem of a big tree growing near it which may be hazardous for the customers and other people working in the property. In such cases, the tree care companies can be contacted without delay for swiftly resolving the problem. Apart from tree removal service of all species and sizes, the companies also offer crown reduction, pruning, pest management and many other kinds of tree maintenance services.

Other services

Protruding tree stumps are very dangerous since they can lead to serious accidents. It is always better to enlist the services of a tree care company for stump removal rather than attempting it oneself. The companies grind and remove the tree stump from the property. The special stump grinder equipments used by the companies are more than capable of grinding tree stumps of all sizes. The expert arborists are well trained to deal with even the most stubborn tree stumps that cannot be removed easily.

Professional tree trimming services also form a part of the work portfolio of the tree maintenance companies. Regular trimming by experts employed by agencies offering tree trimming Edmonton helps in maintaining the tree in a sound health and extends its lifespan. Trimming also makes the tree more resistant against winds and storms while allowing more sunlight to penetrate the inner parts. Trimming is indicated whenever the branches of the trees start touching the house, the trees starts growing towards the power lines or consists of dead branches or leaves.



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